VSDC is a completely volunteer-run organization, with no paid staff. Therefore volunteers are our life-line and we are seeking to fill a variety of volunteer positions.  For our special emphasis groups, we prefer each to have two coordinators to share responsibilities and support activities.

Please contact us at volunteer@vsdc.org if you are interested in any of the positions below and/or to tell us about yourself and what talents you have to offer VSDC.  We will utilize your talents and skills to find the best fit possible so you will have a meaningful volunteer experience and to further the mission of VSDC.  Thank you!

Restaurant Visits Co-Coordinators (2)

Cooking Classes Team

Graphics Design Support

Green Rewards Discount Program Team

Leafleting Coordinator

Mail and Membership Co-Coordinator

Media Relations Co-Coordinator

Newsletter Editorial Team

Social / Digital Media Co-Coordinator

Tabling Co-Coordinators

VegOut LGBTQ Group Co-Coordinator

Volunteer Co-Coordinator

Web Team


  1. The volunteer must be a vegan or a vegetarian.
  2. All coordinators/hosts must be 18 years of age or older.
  3. All scheduled events must be in line with the VSDC Mission, and all food planned for any event will be vegan.
  4. No personal, business, and/or organizational interest will be promoted during VSDC or vegan Meetup functions / events. VSDC events, functions, and social networking tools (i.e. vsdc.org; vegan Meetup) are not business networking tools to be used for promoting any business or other organization. Any personal or corporate financial gain is prohibited.
  5. All potential coordinators/events hosts must be approved by the VSDC Board of Directors.

Any exception to the above requires the explicit approval by the VSDC Board of Directors.

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