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Volunteer with VSDC

The Vegetarian Society of DC is a completely volunteer-run organization, with no paid staff. Currently, we are seeking to fill the volunteer positions listed below. If you are interested, please contact volunteer [at] Thank you!!

Database: The database manager maintains the membership database by entering and updating information, and also performs mail merges to assist with newsletter mailings and renewal letter mailings. This role requires Microsoft Word and Excel skills, or the ability to learn them, and can be performed remotely, since it is entirely file-based. This position requires a level of confidentiality due to access to private information.

Mail and membership: The membership and mail coordinator processes mail and membership forms. This person also mails out membership cards to new and renewing members, and passes information along to the database coordinator, and coordinates getting checks to the board for deposit or to a local bank. This role requires the ability to visit the Cleveland Park mailbox at least 2x/ month and access to a scanner for sending forms to the database coordinator. This position requires a level of trust due to access to private information.

Volunteer Co-Coordinators: coordinates recruitment and retention of people to be involved in all aspects of managing VSDC; understands the needs and translates them to clearly defined roles & responsibilities; actively dialogs with people to gauge interest and suitability; establishes plans to keep volunteers motivated.

Children’s Playgroup Co-Coordinators: To establish and manage plans & activities to create unique, fun and meaningful experiences for children; to schedule & host regular events; to publicize & promote the group; to maintain contact with VSDC organizers.

Newsletter Editor / Editorial Committee: To lead or support collecting, assessing, editing, and laying out content for VSDC News as part of an editorial team; to maintain contact with VSDC Board and coordinators for reviews and approval; to help expand the variety, quality, and presentation of newsletter content.

Singles Coordinators: work as a team of two people to identify fun, creative, and engaging monthly events for singles; to plan the logistical details in advance and lead coordination of events; interface with VSDC board, newsletter team, and Meetup Coordinator as appropriate.

Tabling Coordinator Role: The Tabling Coordinator keeps a schedule of  tabling events, coordinates with the volunteer and literature coordinators, transports and sets-up the tabling/booth equipment along with supplies at events, breaks down the table/booth to transport equipment and supplies back to storage, keeps track of and reports sales, sign-ups, etc. at events. VSDC is seeking two individuals to share the responsibility of this role, if possible. Access to a car is required for this position. 

VSDC tables at local events to promote VSDC and the benefits of vegetarianism. Area events VSDC typically tables: Green Festival; DC VegFest; NBC4 Health & Fitness Expo; DC Pride Festival; TAFA Conference; and VSDC Life Affirming Thanksgiving Dinner.

Leafleting: The leafleting coordinator organizes monthly leafleting outings to promote VSDC and the benefits of vegetarianism. VSDC typically leaflets nearby Metro stations and on or nearby local university campuses.

Media Relations: Leads/coordinates media relations efforts in order to garner publicity for VSDC's several high-profile annual events, such as Thanksgiving and VegFest. Establishes media contacts and builds relationships with "friendly" media members who get to know us. As a result, the media will be more likely to cover our events and contact us for a comment or interview when a local vegetarian issue arises.

Merchandise Coordinator: Contacts, either by e-mail or phone calls or both, businesses that may be interested in donating merchandise food samples, items, services, etc) to VSDC in exchange for free publicity in our newsletter & website, or for some other type of publicity.  Also track/manage the small amount of (non-book) merchandise we sell (buttons, stickers, t-shirts-, etc.).

GreenRewards: Locates and approaches vegetarian-friendly restaurants and other businesses that may be amenable to giving VSDC members a discount (typically 10%) on their goods and services in exchange for VSDC publicizing them in newsletter and website. Makes sure the businesses fill out the necessary paperwork to participate and then submits paperwork to VSDC board and newsletter team.

Ad Sales:  Coordinates ad sales (newsletter ads) for our current advertisers and tries to locate additional vegetarian-friendly businesses who may be interested in advertising with us. Explores possibilities for advertising on our website and the vegan Meetup group.


  1. The volunteer must be a vegan or a vegetarian.
  1. All coordinators/hosts must be 18 years of age or older.
  1. All scheduled events must be in-line with the VSDC Mission and all food planned for any event will be vegan.
  1. No personal, business, and/or organizational interest will be promoted during VSDC/ vegan Meetup functions or events. VSDC events, functions, and social networking tools (i.e.; vegan Meetup) are not business networking tools to be used for promoting any business or other organization. Any personal or corporate financial gain is prohibited. 
  1. All potential coordinators/events hosts must be approved by the VSDC Board of Directors.
  1. Any exception to the above may only be made by explicit approval by the VSDC Board of Directors.

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