2017 Election for the VSDC Board



Please Vote for the VSDC Board. The VSDC election closes on Sat, June 17th.

We have simplified the voting procedure so please vote if you are a current member of VSDC. Simply send an email to: election@vsdc.org and indicate:
1. if you vote “For” or “Against” the candidate(s). The current VSDC Board strongly recommends voting “For”.
2. your first and last name as recorded on your VSDC membership. Names are used solely to verify membership.

The email deadline is by the end of the day on Sat, June 17, 2017.
THANKS for participating!

Candidate Statements

Heidi Krizer Daroff
Thank you for the opportunity to run for a position on the VSDC Board. In an effort to cause less violence in the world, I went vegetarian in 1989. My family and I, with the goal of living a healthier lifestyle, made the choice almost six years ago to go fully vegan. After about eight years of attending the VSDC Life-Affirming Thanksgiving, I realized it was time to become more involved in this dynamic organization. I was confident that my passion for veganism and my love of utilizing social media to spread the cruelty-free, planet-friendly, and healthier lifestyle could be a benefit to VSDC. Over the past several months I have had the pleasure of using my knowledge in the realm of social media to assist the VSDC Board with promoting a plant-based lifestyle and our many events on Twitter and Facebook. Helping VSDC in this way has enabled the organization to grow our exposure and educate others on the many benefits of committing to a life at peace with the earth. I also enjoy volunteering to help with VSDC events. I look forward to continuing to assist in the responsibilities necessary to maintain a thriving and worthwhile veg-focused organization.