2017 Elections: Call for VSDC Board Nominations

Your opportunity is here to help lead VSDC to even greater heights. We are announcing elections for the VSDC Board that will serve a two year term for up to five (5) candidates. To be eligible to run, you must be a VSDC member, a vegetarian or vegan, and submit a candidate statement by Saturday, May 6, 2017. To ensure the incoming Board can work effectively in a team environment, the election committee will verify previous volunteering and familiarity with VSDC and no conduct contrary to the principles or advancement of VSDC.

To help with continuity from election to election, terms for the VSDC board are now staggered. The newly elected board members in 2017 will serve through May 2019, while the six current board members who were elected in 2016 will serve through May 2018.

The ideal candidates should offer a sincere level of time commitment to VSDC, along with any special skill, talent, or experience that can benefit a volunteer-driven non-profit. The Board is responsible for guiding VSDC, ensuring that the organization’s resources are used wisely, and developing specific priorities. Along with regular activities, the Board will also plan and oversee major endeavors such as the Life-Affirming Thanksgiving, the management of the DC-area vegan meetup group, and VSDC’s presence and impact in the DC metro area. The VSDC Board is an active, “working Board” that meets monthly and has breakout groups that will tackle various tasks on a weekly basis.

VSDC members in good standing will be asked to vote electronically starting on Tuesday, May 9, with elections closing on Monday, May 24. Please visit VSDC.org during this time to vote. Once in place starting June 1, the Board will elect the officers of VSDC for the term from among the elected Board members. Five positions are open for this election with a total of eleven Board positions possible at any one time. If you require a paper ballot, please contact election@vsdc.org.

Please visit this site at VSDC.org to find more information including the questions to address in your candidate statement and instructions for submission. You are invited to talk with a current board member and ask any questions you like, just reach out to president@vsdc.org to inquire.

Nominations must include the candidate’s full first and last name, mailing address, phone, and email. Candidate statements should be 200 words or less and highlight relevant experience, skills, knowledge, and a significant commitment to VSDC. All nominations with candidate statements must be emailed to election@vsdc.org and received by Saturday, May 6.