Vegetarian Society of DC


VSDC Key Volunteers

VSDC is governed by an elected volunteer Board of Directors. The following Board members are serving a 2-year term (June 1, 2012, through May 31, 2014):

  Meredith Clayton Meetup Coordinator, Co-Treasurer
  Saurabh Dalal President; Treasurer; Newsletter Team, Co-Treasurer
  Paige Doster Membership Database & Mail Coordinator
  Yassir Islam Assistant Webmaster
  Susie Lorden Restaurant Visits Co-Coordinator

These volunteers coordinate monthly VSDC events:

  Jessica Almy Children's Playgroup Co-Coordinator
  Del Hardesty LGBTQ Veg "Out" Group
  Allison McDaniel Singles Group Co-Coordinator
  Marya McQuirter Children's Playgroup Co-Coordinator
  Kenny Nero Social Media Co-Coordinator
  Beth Preiss Book Club
  David Banks African American Networking Group
  Cleveland Woodson Restaurant Visits Co-Coordinator
  Peggy Wu Summer Picnics

In addition, these volunteers coordinate essential work behind the scenes:

  Anne Bunner Volunteer Co-Coordinator
  Caroline Cherry Brochure Distribution
  Leslie Harris Newsletter Coordinator, Graphics Contributor
  David Herring Webmaster, Newsletter Team, GreenRewards®
  A.R. Hogan Historian
  Danielle Kichler Email Coordinator
  Luke Reynolds Thanksgiving Event Co-Coordinator
  Sanjay Shantaram Newsletter Layout
  Peggy Wu Thanksgiving Event Co-Coordinator
  Elizabeth Yoder Veg Line (voice mail)

There are many people not mentioned on this page who have helped VSDC but not as a volunteer doing ongoing coordination. There are many volunteers who do tabling/ outreach, write articles for VSDC News, host events, research information, and do all the other ad hoc work that VSDC needs done. This page also doesn't include those who have helped in the past.  Plus, some people have helped by donating money or services to VSDC. All those people are greatly appreciated too. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

To read the bylaws of the Vegetarian Society of DC, click here.

If you are interested in volunteering with VSDC, please visit see our list of open volunteer positions.

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