Key Volunteers

Board members

VSDC is governed by an elected volunteer Board of Directors. The following Board members are serving a term through May 31, 2018:

David Banks African American Networking Co-Coordinator, GreenRewards Team, Thanksgiving Committee
Saurabh Dalal Treasurer, Volunteer Co-Coordinator, Newsletter Team, Thanksgiving Committee, Web Team
Heidi Daroff Social Media Co-Coordinator, Thanksgiving Committee
Elissa Free Media Relations Coordinator, GreenRewards Coordinator, Social Media Co-Coordinator, Thanksgiving Committee, Web Team
Adam Gorod Membership & Database Coordinator, Thanksgiving Committee
Bethany Owens Social Media Co-Coordinator, Run Coordinator, Thanksgiving Committee
Carmen Scott Meetup Coordinator, Newsletter Team, African American Networking Co-Coordinator, Thanksgiving Committee

Program Volunteers

The following people volunteer their time to coordinate our programs:

Jessica Almy Teens & Preteens Co-Coordinator
Ruben Ambrose Restaurant Visits Co-Coordinator
Kiri Anderer Singles Group Co-Coordinator
Pujak Arora Web Team
Treasure Arquieta Singles Group Co-Coordinator, Cooking Class Co-Coordinator
Cindy Daigle Children’s Playgroup Co-Coordinator
Raj Damodaran NoVA Events Coordinator
Jill Eckart Cooking Class Co-Coordinator
Danielle Kichler Email Coordinator
Brandon King Veg Out / LGBTQ Group Co-Coordinator
Sara Lyons Teens & Preteens  Co-Coordinator
Cat McDonald Web Team
Emily Perkins Children’s Playgroup Co-Coordinator
Beth Preiss Book Club Coordinator
Cleveland Woodson Restaurant Visits Co-Coordinator
Elizabeth Yoder Veg Line Coordinator

There are many people not mentioned on this page who have helped VSDC, either occasionally or regularly. We extend our gratitude to the many volunteers who make our shared mission possible.

If you’re interested in volunteering with VSDC, please see our list of OPEN VOLUNTEER POSITIONS.