About VSDC

Our Vision

person visiting a big pigThe Vegetarian Society of DC believes in treating people, animals, and the planet with respect and kindness. We encourage people to live more compassionate and healthier lives by eliminating animal products from their diets and lifestyles.
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Key Volunteers

VSDC is a completely volunteer-run organization, with no paid staff. VSDC is governed by an elected volunteer Board of Directors.
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Volunteer Opportunities

VSDC volunteers at an eventThere are many volunteers who do tabling/outreach, write articles for VSDC News, host events, research information, and do all the other ad hoc work that VSDC needs done.
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Like-Minded Organizations

Several nonprofits in the national capital region (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) support our philosophy. VSDC is also connected with the vegetarian movement in the United States and internationally.
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